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local action against modern slavery

Write To Your Councillors

Below is a template email that you can use to send to your local councillors. Feel free to amend it, copy us into the email and let them know that we are happy to support too. If you don’t know who your local councillors are, click here for more information

Subject: Addressing the issue of modern slavery and human trafficking in our constituency. 

Dear [insert name(s) of Councillor(s)],

Globally, there are over 45 million people trapped in forms of modern slavery. In the UK alone, Justice and Care (an anti-slavery organisation) estimate that there are over 100,000 victims of modern slavery. From car washes and nail bars on our high streets – to schools, homes, and the products we use every day, we are encountering modern slavery every day. 

Modern slavery is closer than we think. Moreover, during this pandemic, people have become increasingly economically vulnerable and children are spending large amounts of time online which heightens vulnerabilities to exploitation. Modern slavery is an issue that is occurring all across the UK, potentially even in our constituency; it is time to act. 

What is our borough doing to help tackle and address this issue on a local level? Our Council should start work to immediately co-create and adopt a strategic meeting framework for the borough to raise awareness, share information and proactively work together to ensure a consistent and robust approach to tackling modern slavery; utilising this shared strategy and resulting action plans to achieve a set of shared aims and objectives. 

Partnership aims can be achieved through the voluntary commitment of member agencies to work together effectively in support of an agreed vision and strategic approach. A collaborative approach with anti-slavery organisations, experts in this field, local law enforcement, civil society and youth must be taken.

The strategy should address six strategic priorities that drive the anti-slavery work, including raising awareness, increasing reporting, delivering quality training, supporting victims, as well as supporting law enforcement in the pursuing and catching of criminals.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and I look forward to hearing your response. 

Best Wishes, 

[Address and Postcode]